5 Ways to Increase Vegetable Consumption

Increasing your vegetable intake can be difficult. These tips will help you increase your vegetable intake to ultimately crave and enjoy them!

We all know vegetables are important for any healthy diet. In fact, it is the one pillar encompassed in all diets ....except the carnivore diet but that's a whole other story.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends 1/2 of your plate contains vegetables, and to many that can seem daunting. During my internship I met many clients who were overwhelmed to achieve this goal at each meal. As someone who once echoed these sentiments, I get it.

I grew up in a household where we ate fast-food 2-3x a week, most things made at home came from a box and vegetables were from a can. Entering into adulthood and learning about nutrition; it took great willpower and determination to even eat fruit much less a vegetable. I cannot believe back then how much effort it took for me to even consume an apple.

Now, I love fruit and vegetables, from sautéing kale for breakfast, homemade soups for lunch and Brussels spouts for dinner are just a few ways I meet my 1/2 plate goal.This transition wasn’t easy, but along the way I realized I wasn't cooking vegetables in ways that would enhance their flavors. Remember not to overwhelm yourself with a complete overhaul. Go slow and try to incorporate veggies one at a time.

Remember not to overwhelm yourself with a complete overhaul. Go slow and try to incorporate veggies one at a time.

  • I recommend clients start with one meal for a month to focus on and add on from there.

Here are my 5 tips to increase vegetable consumption!


If you’re in the warmer months of the year, try a Farmer’s market or going to an organic farm directly. I understand this seems like an odd tip but hear me out, fresh, organic vegetables taste better. When you’re consuming food in season that is freshly picked it hold the most nutrients and freshness and you can truly taste the difference. An added bonus to purchasing from small farms is they typically offer produce that you won’t find in grocery stores. For example, I had never heard of or taste garlic scrapes until I started purchasing form a local farm and they are delicious in any meal!


If you’re looking for flavour don’t just boil, I cannot think of a more tasteless method of cooking.

A recipe we love:

Burnt Broccoli Is The Best Broccoli


When Adam and I first began dating he was resistant to trying new vegetables. I got around that by creating vegetable based sauces or soups. For instance, a savoury sweet potato or butternut squash sauce, to have over chicken.

A recipe we love:

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup

4. PREP.

To be set for success you gotta prep. Life gets busy and if you pre-chop all your vegetables and throw’s in the fridge. Your future self will be grateful.


Spoiler alert! Sometimes you’re not gonna like a vegetable. Maybe it wasn’t seasoned or cook the way you like it. But I would encourage you to try it again, in a different way. As a rule of thumb, try a vegetable at least 10 times before you decide its not for you.

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