Wellth: a new and more valuable life currency : a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health, and joy. We did NOT come up with the term. It was originally coined by Jacob Wachob, the founder of mindbodygreen.com. He wrote a fantastic book called Wellth. How to Build a Life Not a Resume. Although his section on nutrition does not reflect our personal opinions, we still loved the book. It’s incredibly well written and re-frames success in a beautiful way. This is the version of success we have chosen to emulate in our own lives. We each have our own true vision of success and its not as simple as making six figures. Its more complicated than that, it how we spend our everyday, what relationships we've cultivated and nurtured, how we treat ourselves and others.


We’re Adam and Amanda, a husband and wife duo, who have been working together even before we said, “I do”. Amanda is a Registered Dietitian and Adam has nearly a decade of experience in the financial industry, but our interests have always overlapped. We decided to create Choosing Wellth because nutrition and finances are fundamentally interconnected, yet they are commonly discussed separately. We share actionable ideas to support the creation of your personal definition of Wellth, as we learn how to build our own.

A few fun facts about us!

  • We met online and were friends for nearly a year before we met in person and began to date long distance.
  • Amanda spent two summers working at an international camp in Germany in her early 20's.
  • Adam is a coffee enthusiast, he loves to experiment with different types of beans and brewing methods.
  • We dream of owning enough to land to create our own walking/biking trails! Would love to buy acres with or near friends.

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